Taylor Structural Engineers


JUNE 2019

The current phase of Oxford Development’s 3 Crossings Development is underway and includes the conversion of an existing warehouse building into two office buildings with a courtyard between them.  

The warehouse consisted of three high bays, each 18,000 square feet. Two intermediate floors are being added within the structure of the outside bays to create two 3-story, 54,000 square foot office buildings. An open courtyard between the two office buildings is being created by removing the existing wall panels, X-bracing, and roof deck from the center bay, while leaving the primary roof truss framing in place and exposed. The completed project will have a total of 108,000 square feet of office space with an 18,000 square foot courtyard between them.

An alternate bracing system was designed and installed to allow the removal of the existing X-bracing throughout the structure to accommodate an architectural design that includes extensive use of windows and storefront glass in the office buildings. In addition, supplemental bridging and bracing was added to the existing roof trusses in the courtyard area to ensure their integrity after the roof deck is removed.

TSE is pleased to be a member of the design team led by Perkins Eastman.

Rycon Construction is the general contractor.