Taylor Structural Engineers

Duquesne Incline

DUQUESNE INCLINE Structural renovations to one of Pittsburgh’s two remaining landmark inclines Two new interior mezzanine platforms New vertical lift Expansion of the upper level office area New emergency egress Reframing of the east loading area CLIENT: LANDMARKS DESIGN ASSOCIATES “…It was opened to the public May 20, 1877. The Duquesne Incline was the first Pittsburgh incline […]

Walker-Ewing Log House

WALKER-EWING LOG HOUSE COLLIER TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA Renovation at the historic Walker-Ewing Log House Avoiding expensive and invasive replacement of a leaning foundation wall, TSE designed a tension rod solution that provided cost savings and preserved the original stone construction Designed structural details to arrest structural failure of the attic floor framing CLIENT: LOMBARDO INDUSTRIES, INC.

Fort Pitt Block House

FORT PITT BLOCK HOUSE Structural evaluation for the restoration and preservation of Pittsburgh’s oldest authenticated structure Using radiographic imaging, confirmed by visual observation and sounding techniques, TSE mapped internal wood damage and identified specific repair areas that required restoration Wood repairs included the use of structural epoxy to fill voids that had developed in the quarter […]

American Philatelic Center

AMERICAN PHILATELIC CENTER BELLEFONTE, PENNSYLVANIA Conversion of a 19th century masonry and timber framed industrial facility into a fully modernized commercial office, retail, and library center Complex stabilization and rehabilitation of existing deteriorated masonry walls Reinforcing and replacing of the deteriorated heavy timber framing Addition of new interior second floor space to previous open high-bay structures CLIENT: PIEPER O’BRIEN HERR […]